Small, Henstridge, Cabodi & Pyles recently had the privilege of participating in a mock mediation for habitability claims developed by The Travelers Insurance Company=s large loss claims department in Denver, Colorado. The participants included several major law firms in California as well as a number of experienced claim representatives.

The event was mediated by the Honorable James McBride, retired. The fact pattern involved a habitability lawsuit against multiple defendants, including property owners, management companies and maintenance/building contractors.

Senior partners Robert Henstridge and K.J. Cabodi represented the firm at the mock mediation that involved approximately 50 claims representatives from the Travelers Denver and Hartford offices.

The day-long mediation and question-and-answer session afforded our office the opportunity to discuss the handling of habitability claims in California in a Areal life@ setting, as well as to present a methodology to dispose of these claims in a timely and cost-effective manner. Anyone who is interested in discussing the fact pattern for the mediation and SHCP=s expertise in this area of California law can contact Robert Henstridge or K.J. Cabodi for additional details and information.